Fagan is more than just a pair of cherubic dimples and a confusing collection tattoos; he has underhandedly reinvented the low art of shameless self-promotion on the interwebs. Sure, he has the dapper of a homeless George Clooney, but he also touts a long list of mediocre achievements as well…probably the least of which being Gnarly Headache.

As a young boy in Milwaukee, he cut his comedic teeth in grade school when he illustrated the Holy Family as zombies in his First Communion Prayer Book. Ever the prolific storyteller, in fifth grade he authored a ten-part series about a time-traveling Mongolian named “Erokosabi”, that tortured and murdered Nazis and fascists in graphic detail.

At 18, Fagan moved to Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Film and Cultural Studies with an acute understanding of how to produce short films with little or no resources (read: permits).

A month after the breakup of his wildly unsuccessful punk band, Fagan moved to New York where he was accepted to the New York City Teaching Fellowship as a public high school English and Film teacher in Brooklyn.  Feeling as though he had yet to accrue enough debt, he graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and with an MA in English Education from Brooklyn College. He was invigorated to create art –unfortunately, all he created was this. Welcome to Gnarly Headache.



Conventional idiocy and semi-literate responses below:

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